Friday, October 31, 2008

Dark Knizight!

Dorktown and Christmas work continue with this image of batman for my uncle. This is the undersketch. I'm in the middle of painting the image in a grayscale style. I'll have that posted up next week.


Shaney Shane Shane said...

I think you forgot to add the nipples. Can't wait to see the painted final.

Mark Eeeee Wetzel said...

agreed. please make this either val kilmer or george clooney versions.
they are the hotttest.

!ReBaD! said...

disagreed. with mark. michael keaton was beautiful as batman. and if he were what you were using as inspiration, you'd for sure have to accentuate the nipples. michael keaton has ENORMOUS nipples.

*this is really nice micah. good job love.