Friday, October 17, 2008

European Bee Eater

Been a little obsessed with these Bee Eaters ever since I checked out the latest pictorial spread about them in Nat Geo. I think this one's either getting territorial or calling out for a mate. But, who really knows what these kids are saying these days, am I right?


Barnacles said...

BEE EATERS!!!! I saw that article too and they are AMAZING, are you gonna color it? their colors really caught my attention. Thats cool you put this up, just reminded me I wanted to do a piece with them too~
nice work!

Barnacles said...

ps, that comment was Rebecca, not micah. dang it. i'm logged on as him!

Shaney Shane Shane said...

Ha! I do want to do a color version. Right now I'm just doing various sketches. Youse guys coming out to the Field Museum tomorrow to draw some dead animals?

Barnacles said...

Looks really great. You created are really delicate balance of the line weights. Awersome!