Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Suit

The riddle goes: There's a man in a black suit, in a forest with no leaves and he's stuck in a tree. You're supposed to figure out how the guy got there. 
Answer goes: he was scuba diving and with a forest fire nearby, a rescue plane dove to pick up water ( scuba diver included ) and dumped the water on the fire. Now the poor schmuck is stuck in a frickin' tree. I doubt that made any sense. 
but its for Todd, micahs bro, for christmas. 
there it is, in perfect cursive. 
got anymore brain busters?


Mark Eeeee Wetzel said...

How the eff do you crank these out so quick? I really like your stuff Reebs.

!ReBaD! said...

its a new method i created called not having a full-time job.

Shaney Shane Shane said...

Full-time job or not, you ARE super quick, man. I really like the tentacle-like tree limbs. Good stuff.