Friday, January 30, 2009

i went yesterday, didn't sell anything, didn't put anything up even, really. but here is some stuff i sketched, spiced with ps.

have you guys ever heard of that thing? anyone wants to go next month?

i guess we have an unplanned clown theme this week:)


Shaney Shane Shane said...

That's some awesome flower hair. And I love those long necks. See you at the Field!

Mark Eeeee Wetzel said...

Great work. it's good to have you back. i felt like we were all falling apart here without you. really, good stuff. i'd like to see these printed out large scale, filling up entire walls like wall paper in a gallery.

Justine Harlan said...

how weird, clown theme. funny.
how was the f.m.? i like those
big necks too. did you stay late the
other night? that was fun, no?