Friday, September 26, 2008

worst date ever: part 1

i haven't gotten the text in there.
i pretty much know, but can't commit.
at any rate, she's enjoying a milk punch
and considering having another...
she apologizes for spewing it on him,
and then is asking if he's alright. not because
she sprayed milk punch all over him,
but because it appears that half his head has been
blown off...he says, oh, this? naw, doesn't bother me
at all...she says...if you say so...

something like that.
true story.


natalia said...

AWE! I absolutely love it. The background, the splash in the middle panel, the nose, the eyes, the hands, the stitching, and the speech bubbles. And everything else.

Shaney Shane Shane said...

Nice dramatic lighting. Big fan of the way you set up those top three panels too. Can't wait to see where this goes.