Friday, September 19, 2008

1 hour late

hooray! drawings!
this is the first, i think, in a little narrative.
i'm off to the horse tracks! no lie!


Barnacles said...

Really nice. The facial expression is great and the right shoulder falls into the background nicely.

Barnacles said...

her right- viewers left.

Justine Harlan said...

hey, i had a dream about you and your family the other night. i think because olivia told me she saw you all. big time life news for you!
i'm happy for you.

Shane Swinnea said...

I agree. The expression is really good. I imagine it smells good too because it looks like it was painted with coffee.

How'd your horse do?

Barnacles said...

Thanks JH! Tis' big time indeed and we is super pumped!