Friday, April 25, 2008

Meth Hedz 1

So here's part one of what I hope will be a very long series. I'm thinking of doing these as trading cards. I still need to finish writing the bio and design the back of the card. Maybe I'll have it for next week. Feel free to critique so I can keep making these better and more grotesque.



Justine Harlan said...

aaaaaaaaagh! grosssssssssss!!!!!
I know it's really common to find
electronic devices dismantled
by paranoid crystal methedrine
who then can't figure out how to reassemble them...

!ReBaD! said...

as long as the next card has to do with herpes.
we're all good here.
on a more constructive level of criticism....i really enjoy how you went about coloring this. its just delightful!

Justine Harlan said...

herpes, indeed! type I and II.

Shane Swinnea said...

I think Herpes is implied in all of the Meth Hedz. Actually a set of STD trading cards could be a nice offshoot. How about for next week we pick our favorite STD and illustrate it?

!ReBaD! said...

i enjoy that idea.
can i get a witness????