Friday, April 25, 2008

A coworker sent this to me, I think it looks good.The above graphic is a portion of a transit oriented development (TOD). When people in the DC Metro area, as well as other ultra-urban areas, decided they were sick of sitting in their car for an hour only to get 12 miles, a new approach to land development began to gain popularity. A building no longer had to be solely commercial or residential. This is where the ingenious idea to allow for commercial on the bottom and residential on the top came into being. Where a person had the ability to role out of bed and grab a chipotle burrito for breakfast without even getting dressed. Where people could walk to work or shopping without ever getting into their car. Maybe one day we wont need cars. Maybe we’ll all live in small TODs scattered throughout the country. Each TOD could have it’s own morals and views. People of similar stature and interests could establish TODs and TODs could be connected into TOD networks and TOD webs. A TOD could have its own flags and slogan and uniforms. Sometimes I ramble, but I do like the having the ability to walk to chipotle.

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