Friday, March 20, 2009

No. It's Not A Grateful Dead Poster

An Abe image I did this week. Still digging through old sketchbooks and making larger versions of stuff. Bottom one is one of the sketches from Atomic Sketch last night.


!ReBaD! said...

Shane! Paint splatters and plaid? Do you have some hipster kid in you somewhere we didn't know about?

oh yes, and these are nice drawings by the way.

!ReBaD! said...

that is how you spell plade? plaide?

eff it. flannel.

Shaney Shane Shane said...

Haha. Hipster kid inside me? Yes. I call him Gabe. I feed him a steady diet of PBR and ironic t-shirts.

!ReBaD! said...

don't forget tight pants and a face that never smiles