Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party Miracles!

I haven't posted for a couple weeks now due to my being in Africa. It was great. I did a postit illustrating a dill pickle we got ourselves in to on the way to the airport our first day in Dar Es Salaam. We basically got schemed by a cab-driver and a crooked policeman. PWNED out of $100 each. And to add insult to injury, the new Nickelback tune was playing on the radio when things turned sour.
The other image is a portrait of my roommate/drummer Dathan. That's EXACTLY what he looks like.


!ReBaD! said...

that IS exactly what dathan looks like. its uncanny. he always drinks liquids labeled BOOZE.
i rearry rike dese dough.
and i'm sorry for the nickleback. talk about twisting the spoon in your heart. yeauuuuuu.

Justine Harlan said...

boy, this really makes me laugh.
did they really look like militants
with red berets and machete's like in the movies?
they must have spotted you two from a mile away.
did the guy in the back on the right not have teeth?

Shane Swinnea said...

Hahahahahahaha! These are great.

I'm also incredibly pleased to know that Nickelback is internationally renowned.*

*Unfortunately the comments section won't let me employ my sarcasm font.

Alejandra said...

this completely captures the moment of such intense presshhha presshha. dont fret rebecca and i will head back to dar to seek vengence on dixon. to the death